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The Basic Woodworking Kit: The set of tools, accessories and supplies needed by all woodworkers.

This course is meant to inform the beginning woodworker of what is needed to accomplish almost any woodworking project.  The basic tools for measurement and layout are explained.  The various types of saws and their uses are outlined, including those for rip cuts, cross cuts and dovetail cuts. 

We recommend a couple of key chisels in every woodworkers tool box.  For smoothing and shaping, the reason for a low angle block plane is explained, the Japanese rasp is discussed and how it is efficient for shaping, and of course, the ubiquitous smoother -- sandpaper is thoroughly covered !

Drills, drilling and screwing are also discussed including the range and types of drill bits, as well as what drill bit size to use for a screw pilot hole.  The countersink and auger bits required for proper fastening and drilling are also covered in this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning and intermediate woodworkers

Learning About Wood: how to become a successful woodworker.

This course is designed to give you, the student, a grasp of wood characteristics which will result in more attractiveness and structural integrity in all your future projects. 

You will learn:

- the five parts of a tree trunk and the two that are most serviceable

- how wood structure makes end grain gluing worthless

- how to read wood grain and why its important

- how wood grain relates to wood movement

- why reading wood grain is critical to proper planing direction

- about wood strength and how heavy loads are handled with wood in compression

- how to avoid boards with uncorrectable defects

- how to select good boards

- what species and types of wood are suitable for your projects

- to do a “cut list” to figure out how much wood to buy for a project

- characteristics of veneers, plywood, and marine plywood

- when it is necessary to use dimensionally stable material.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners interested in becoming woodworkers

  • Intermediate and more experienced woodworkers

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